Asian pear varieites

Ripens in mid September. So far, it does not impress me. Korean Giant is sweet too but it's the denser texture that I don't care for. When the fruits are about the size of a cherry, remove enough so that no two pears are closer than 6". Flesh is crisp, richly aromatic, firm. Unlike European pears, Asian pears must ripen on the tree to reach their full flavor.

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Chojuro Asian Pear

Without the minimum number of hours of these cooler temperatures, your tree's ability to produce blossoms and fruit are significantly reduced. One of the harvest season problems growers have experienced is that winds and rain easily dislodge fruits from trees when ripe, creating possible crop loss. During this period, a number of commercial fruit producers have also made their personal evaluations of a number of varieties established in orchards. Prized for their crunchy texture the creamy white flesh of the Asian pear is exceptionally juicy with a sweet low acid flavor and fragrant aroma. In December, the Korean-born Estabrook plans to sell for the first time an oval-shaped, bright orange, crisp and sweet cultivar that she has named Winter Gold, which took more than 10 years for her to hybridize. Smooth skinned varieties range in skin color from green to greenish yellow, while russet skin type varieties range from brownish green to brown or copper colored. It appears many varieties have chilling requirements in the to hour range with some lower.

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All Asian pear varieties require heavy thinning to obtain good fruit size, to insure annual cropping, and to avoid limb breakage. New University of California hybrid. The more important varieties available in California are discussed with some ripe dates indicated for Davis, California. One layer trays or "cherry" boxes of 12 to 20 fruit weighing lbs. The fruit ripens in early to mid-September and develops a greasy feel on the skin.
You must select a collection to display. October 23 to November 1. Because of Asian pears' increasing popularity, more varieties than ever are available to home gardeners. Fruit holds on the tree well and is often color-picked four times per season. In the packinghouse, placement of fruit on wide, slow-moving, smooth, clean belts will distribute fruit to packers who "eye-size" fruit and place them into plastic pack trays used to hold fruit in containers going to market.

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