Mig weld penetration

The standard, simple, universal, two parameter CV short circuit and spray transfer weld procedures which have been practical, logical and effective weld tools for more than five decades, are slowly becoming meaningless as the heavily marketed pulsed MIG process takes root. For example, gage aluminum welds can benefit from less weld energy than delivered by low spray settings, and specific MIG stainless welds will benefit from an open arc mode that enables lower weld heat than spray, a benefit that will reduce distortion potential. The flat position is the easiest position to lay your weld. If a short circuit occurs of the drop, the detection may not happen for nearly a full period. You might ask, how is it that practical, rational Mid West people could get sucked into purchasing costly, Japanese Panasonic weld equipment loaded with useless bells. All the boiler tube to header welds were evaluated with X-Rays, and all that was needed was one poor weld tie or an indication of lack of fusion and the weld was as a failure requiring extensive time for weld repairs by the manual TIG welders. If one weld tale represents the BS that has surrounded the pulsed MIG process, it's the following Panasonic pulsed equipment story.
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weld penetration depth????

The above information addresses how key variables affect penetration. Notice how it's kind of flat going across that section, like it's sunk down into the metal some. The Panasonic weld team and their unique power source team went head to head with myself and my trusty Miller Delta-Weld I typically would have the test welds finished before the Panasonic team had set their weld parameters. I listened as these guys showed me their oscilloscope photographs of the power source output, and informed me how their unique MIG power source had "smoothed out the traditional pulsed power source output ripple effect" Those "ripples" I was told, occur with a regular MIG CV power source. Many robot cells or manual welders may be working with Pulsed MIG equipment that is causing weld issues or poor performance, and it's importatnt to note that the pulsed MIG equipment available a few years ago is not the pulsed MIG equip.
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MIG Welding Versus K-TIG

Normal water wall pulsed MIG clad welds on the right: For many years after the introduction of the useless Miller Pulstar, I traveled across North America visiting weld shops and switching the useless pulsed mode off. It's not just the unnecessary pulsed MIG equipment complexity and high equipment price that should be an issue at many plants, the less durable pulsed equipment brings it's own concerns. My first objective with the Lincoln PowerWave and pulsed mode and the 0. The Miller product manager describes the new Miller Acupulse and makes the following statements. The same weld unit that lasted twenty years without maintenance.
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It is important to know how each individual variable affects the deposited weld metal. I was really surprised at a visit to a large manufacturing plant in the middle of the corn fields of the mid west, to find that the plant had purchased a large number of Panasonic, pulsed welding machines to weld carbon steel, farm and related equipment. Once you buy your MIG welder you can get set up to start welding in just a few minutes. The clad welds were either stainless or Inconel , wires. Arc blow is especially prevalent in MIG robot cells influenced by the fixture and its many conductivity connections to the grounded parts.
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